You know the feeling. You’re designing a page. You’ve got a great story and headline, but no photo or art. What to do? ‘Type attack!’ Coined by my colleague, international designer Dr. Mario Garciawhile teaching a seminar at The Poynter Institute, this phrase describes how type can become your main art. How? Read the story, pull out key phrases, words or sentences, make sure those words reflect the spirit and meaning of the story. Using type, experiment with variation of style, size, weight and color to create a centerpiece. Here are some examples that may inspire.


Maybe you have handout art, a weak image or a single iconic photo. Take advantage of the simplicity and use TYPE to create a powerful word/image centerpiece.

Give mugshots a whole new meaning combining them with a type display.


Remember that every piece of type is a small picture. It tells you something. It communicates a message.

Next time you’re stuck, experiment with TYPE as ART.

Have you created a great design using TYPE? Please send it to me at pegiestark@aol.com and I’ll post it on my blog.

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